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Monday, June 2, 2014

Oh, I have always wanted to be a florist!  It would be so fun!

I get this a lot.  Flowers are beautiful and so many women I meet want to learn more about flowers and floral arranging.  And who wouldn't, honestly?!!
Heck, have you seen how many florists are in Utah?  
There are plenty of florists to go around because it can be really fun and so rewarding.  
It's no wonder that many people choose this as their career.  

While floral design is something I absolutely love and adore, it is also not glamorous.  
It is hard work, and sometimes can be very stressful with needy brides or working late.  There have been many times (more times than I want to admit) where I have ugly cried and said that I'm never doing flowers again.  
Like I said, not glamorous.  

So what goes into the process of designing flowers for a wedding? 

Here is a little snippet of what I do:

I meet with Brides. 
 I talk to them about their fiance, their wedding, their colors, and ultimate vision of the wedding day so I can have a clear idea of how to design the floral.  

I then create invoices.  
Coming up with floral recipes for [bouquets/centerpieces/cake flowers/boutonnieres/corsages/etc.] takes me at least 2 hours, depending on the complexity of the order.  Why??  Well, first I research flowers that are/will be in season, as well as figure out the wholesale cost of flowers and tax & my labor all while trying to fit into a budget.  The research process is a little shorter if the bride has a clear vision of what she wants, but then lets me have full creative reign as far as what flowers to choose.  (my favorite!)  Next I write up the actual invoice.  That can take me an additional hour or so, again, depending on the complexity.

I place flower orders.
This needs no further explanation :)

I pick up the flowers from my wholesaler.
 Before I can do this, I've washed buckets and filled them with clean water and flower food to prepare for the arrival of the flowers.  They do not come to me looking 100% gorgeous right off the bat.  Which leads me to the next step... 

I process the flowers a day or two before the wedding.  
This includes cleaning the flowers (removing leaves, thorns, petals).  Basically, I inspect every last bloom to make sure it is up to par for designing.

I design the flowers. 
This is the fun part!  I love to play with flowers.  I love choosing each bloom.  There is not one arrangement or bouquet that leaves the studio unless I am totally and completely in love with it.  There have been times I have started over multiple times until I'm happy.  I'm a bit of a perfectionist you could say! 

I deliver/set up the flowers. 
I make other drivers around me angry when I drive to deliver the flowers.  I am already a cautious driver, and even more so with my precious blooms in the van.  When we arrive at the venue, we deliver and set up and make sure everything looks perfect!

Lastly, I go home and take a nice long nap, rinse and repeat! 
You can imagine how crazy life is when on top of this I work a full time job, have side projects, a husband, family... and then during wedding season there is at least one event a week!  It can get very busy and overwhelming very fast.  It's been really hard trying to find time for everything. (Not to mention inspiration shoots, events for family, social media and marketing, blogging, foraging flowers, and and and!.. It's a tricky balance.)

With that said, I love what I do.  I am in this because I am obsessed with flowers.  I am forever grateful I've had the opportunity to get to know so many amazing people.  I have learned a lot about myself while working in the wedding industry.  
I can't get enough of flowers, so I feel very blessed to be able to do what I love. 

 Next time you see your florist, give her a hug and tell her thank you for all she(or he) does!  
There is a lot that goes into floral design behind the scenes that not everyone gets a chance to see! 

Phew! Thank you and good night! ;)


  1. Love this so much Erin!! You do such beautiful work!

  2. Thank you for the behind-the-scenes! It's interesting to read about flowers from a designer's point of view. I can't begin to imagine how you fit all your activities in one day. Kudos!


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