The Flowers of Disneyland

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

My cute husband had a little break between semesters, so we decided to head to Disneyland for a little getaway! 

It shouldn't surprise you that most of the pictures I took were of the flowers of Disneyland! 
(I have a major flower obsession, and my favorite place in the world is Disneyland.)
I love Disney's attention to detail, and the flower choices throughout the parks are no exception! 
I found it so fascinating that the flowers changed depending on where you were in the parks. 
(I would love that job!  Getting to choose what flowers go where to coordinate with the different theming?  That would be a dream... Nerd alert!)

Here's a fun fact for you; did you know that Walt Disney's budget was nearly spent building Disneyland before they had a chance to plant decent flowers? His solution was to label all the weeds that were growing there already (in Latin) so people would think they meant to plant them! I thought that was awesome and hilarious. Obviously they've come a long way since their weed days. 

(No filters on any photos below. They really are this vibrant!)

 ^^^ This Lisianthus was to die for!

^^^I loved these bright flowers found in A Bug's Land at California Adventure.  All the flowers there attract bees and butterflies; imagine that!

^^^ I loved this cute tree.

^^^How sweet are these roses?  They're on my list of what to plant next spring!  I love them!

 ^^^ I would have overlooked these tiny blue blooms had I not been taking pictures of every flower I saw! ;) 

The next time you're at Disneyland you will have to pay attention to all the many flowers! 
That was one of my favorite parts of the trip!

Anna + Jared Formals | Utah Wedding Florist

Monday, August 18, 2014

Anna is my little sister who is getting married the beginning of September.  I worked with Jared and have been friends with him for years.  I am beyond excited that they are finally getting married!  

Can we talk for a minute about the flower miracle that occurred with Anna's bridals bouquet?  Her two favorite flowers are peonies and Juliet Garden Roses.  (who doesn't love them, really?)  I told Anna there would be no chance of getting peonies in August for her bridals or in September for their wedding.  

I went to pick up her flowers for her bridals from Red Mountain and what did I see?  One bunch of perfectly open, fluffy, white peonies, calling my name.  I was elated!  I snatched them up without a second thought and surprised Anna with them in her bouquet.  She was floored.  It made me really really happy.  I'm still amazed I got some!  Flower miracles happen, people!  

Here are a few bouquet photos the lovely and talented Valory Jean Photography sent me.  She did an amazing job, and I can't wait for Anna's wedding coming up in a few weeks!  

So You Want to be a Florist? | Skillset You Must Learn

Friday, August 15, 2014

So you want to be a florist?  Obviously you have a little bit of knowledge about how to care for flowers and arrange them.  (or maybe you don't quite yet?)  Either way, here are 3 skills that are absolutely essential if you want to pursue a career in floristry that maybe you hadn't thought of! 

photo by Evelyn Eslava

1.  You have to have vision.
When you're meeting with clients about their floral, you aren't just taking into account the colors of their wedding and the season of the particular event.  While those things are important, there's much more to it than that.  
You're also taking into consideration the personalities of the bride and groom, their story, their idea of how things should look at their event, and the overall feel.  You have to think of things that they hadn't thought of.  Your clients will ask you styling questions.  You have to be prepared to think outside the box and come up with personalized solutions.  Every person is unique, and thus every floral order I take on is catered to that particular person.  
You have to be able to see the big picture when doing floral.  When you're putting together the recipes for their floral you must also think about things like vessel choices, ribbons and trims, linens and other details that will relate to the flowers!
Along with having a vision for your clients, you must have vision for yourself and your business.  You will fail at times.  Does that mean it's the end of the world?  Not at all!  Failing means you are trying.  Learn from your mistakes and set higher goals for yourself the next time.  See the big picture!

2.  You have to have a business mindset.
This is huge.  You need to be professional; after all, this is a business you're running!  You need to think about marketing, social media, taxes, networking, business licenses, time management, and how/when/where to meet with clients.  You need to know how to set up invoices, how to price, and how to write emails to clients.  You need to have organizational skills!  Oh, do you need to have organizational skills!  You meet with so many people that everything can blur together really quickly.  There is just so much that goes into the business side of a floral business that I won't get into here.  They need their own posts which are in the works!  

3.  You have to be a people person.
You have got to feel comfortable talking with strangers.  You have to be really good at reading people.  You have such a short amount of time to meet with clients and get a feel for their personality and individual style.  You need to make that client feel like they are the only client in the world!  It is absolutely essential you don't mess up in this area.  If something goes wrong (heaven forbid!), make it right!  While we are talking about the subject of making something right, there is also a fine line between making things right and being walked on.  You must stand up for yourself always.  Never ever compromise your standards for a client (or for anyone for that matter).  Make sure they know where you stand, and make sure you know what their expectations are.  If someone isn't a good fit for you, you will not be a good fit for them! (more on this later, too!)
The other part to being a people person is networking.  Networking is huge, especially in the wedding industry.  There are so many brides and vendors who will refer their friends and clients to you if you are talented, but especially if you're kind.  I believe in treating others how you would like to be treated.  I try to treat everyone I meet with kindness and courtesy.  Unfortunately, not everyone you meet will reciprocate.  Even though it may really stink to resist the temptation to be rude to those people, others will remember that you are nice and it will pay off.  I promise!

If you are just starting out, let me know!  I love to answer questions, because I love when people answer my questions.  (I think it's silly when people keep things so secretive about their business, so I promise to be open with you!  We're all in this together!)  If you have any immediate questions you want me to address, feel free to comment below or email me at!

Kali's Bridals | Utah Wedding Florist

Friday, August 8, 2014

Here is a sneak peek of Kali's bridals. 
I love the black, white, and plum color scheme for this whimsical bridals bouquet. 
Kali made a beautiful bride!  I'll be sharing some from her wedding soon.
Photo credit:  Mallory Renee Photography

Floral Design by Erin FAQ

Monday, August 4, 2014

I get a bunch of questions about me and my floristry. 
These are the top 3 Frequently Asked Questions that I get!
How long have you been doing flowers?
I have always thought that flowers were beautiful.  (who doesn't, right?)  I loved the Iris my great grandmother had in her garden, and loved learning flower names, but never thought anything of it.
I remember signing up for classes my senior year of high school.  One class many of my friends were taking was floral arranging and design.  I really wanted to take it, but I didn't think it had any practical application for my future (HA!), so I didn't take it.  I didn't even think twice about it. 
Then, a few years later (in 2010) I had the opportunity to work where I got to be around all things weddings.  Eventually they needed some help in the floral department, and I was really eager and excited to learn.  They trusted me to make a corsage for the Mother of the Bride (me?! what?!!), and I was hooked.  I loved making anything with flowers, and always offered to help when there was a floral order learning everything I could about bouquets, centerpieces, boutonnieres and corsages. 
After I quit working there, I really missed doing flowers, and so I applied at a local flower shop.  I had to take a drug test, but the gal there told me as soon as I had that done that I was hired.  I went and took the drug test and then never heard back from them. (?) It was the strangest thing.  I thought my floral career was over. (really, I did!)  I joke that I failed the drug test, but then just this year I found the paperwork I was supposed to submit to get the job and then never did. (Coincidence? Divine intervention?) Then, with much prodding and encouraging from my mother and close friends, I decided to make the leap and get my business license. 
Floral Design by Erin was born in May 2011, and I have been learning and developing my own style ever since!  I love it, and I am so excited to see where this goes.
Where do you buy your flowers?
I buy my flowers from Red Mountain.  It is wholesale only, and you do need a business license to be able to shop there. 
If you aren't able to buy wholesale, my favorite non-wholesale suggestions are: Trader Joes (story on this later!), Whole Foods, Costco, Harmon's, and sometimes Smith's Marketplace. 

Where did you learn how to do flowers?
One of my dearest friends and mentors introduced me to floral.  She taught me all the basics and is my go-to gal whenever I need encouragement or an answer to a question.  Her name is Suzie and you can find her over at The Gardens at Dry Creek.  (she is AMAZING!)  Since I started Floral Design by Erin, I have been googling, YouTube-ing, researching, and playing with flowers as much as I can to get more familiar with flowers, learn how to arrange them, and develop my own style.  I am still figuring it out, and probably will never have it completely figured out.  I just love learning.  I love reaching for higher goals for myself.  That's the best advice I have though, regardless of the trade, is to just DO it.  Figure it out and do it.  And it will be amazing.
And that is all I have to say about that!
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me!
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